How to get Airtel Internet Settings | Airtel 3G/4G APN GPRS Settings

Airtel is an old Telecom network operator company in India. Bharti Airtel limited is the old name of Airtel Telecom. Airtel provides its services around 18 countries. Airtel delivered its services as gsm, 3g, 4g all over Indian states. In this post, we can share simple methods for How to get Airtel Internet Settings | Airtel 3G/4G APN GPRS Settings.

There are a large number of customers who feel satisfied with their services. Airtel provides prepaidpostpaid, Airtel DTH and broadband plan services in Indian circle. Airtel launched many services to help its customers and we already mention these services in our recent posts. Here we can learn how to get airtel internet GPRS settings on your mobile.

Airtel GPRS General Information

GPRS means general radio packet service which works to share data between mobile and internet servers. For using the internet on your mobile, you have to add internet or GPRS settings on it. These settings help the mobile to attach with airtel server and then the internet will start running on your airtel mobile number.

Without GPRS settings you cannot run the internet on your mobile number. For using 3g or 4g internet you have to set airtel APN on your mobile number. Airtel provides good internet speed for all over States whether it is 3g or 4g. When you insert your Airtel sim in your mobile then airtel server automatically sends you airtel GPRS or internet settings. If you lose those then you can manually insert internet settings for airtel.

There are two types of settings that are sent to Airtel sim by default. These are Airtel GPRS settings and airtel SMS/MMS settings. If you don’t have those then you can again request those settings to airtel via sending an Sms then they will be delivered to you. The full process of how to get airtel internet settings is given below.

How to get Airtel Internet Settings by sending SMS

You can also get airtel GPRS settings via Sms and then you have to save them on your mobile. These settings come to your mobile as a message and you have to open your message box and then save them. Airtel GPRS settings automatically saved to their destination folder when you click on the save option.


If your Sms services are not working or you don’t have Sms settings to send a message then you can get Airtel internet settings by their website. You have to go to the Airtel website and complete the process then settings will be delivered to your mobile number. Read the full detailed information for getting airtel internet settings below.

  1. First, you have to go to Airtel Website
  2. Go to Mobile Internet Settings option on the website
  3. Then you have to enter your Airtel mobile number there
  4. Click submit and Airtel Internet settings will be given to as an Sms
  5. You have to save those settings as default settings on your mobile.
  6. Restart your mobile
  7. Now you will be able to surf the net via these settings.

Note: Always keep in mind that Airtel internet surfing is not free. They will charge you some money if you don’t have an active internet plan for your mobile number. Call airtel customer care number for assistance regarding help. Airtel Unlimited offers related to internet data and calls keep reading our blog on a daily basis.

Enter Airtel Internet Settings Manually on your Mobile

You can also enter airtel internet settings on your mobile or configure your airtel GPRS settings manually. You have to create Apn for Airtel which is used for Airtel live, Airtel internet settings, Airtel Sms/Mms apn settings. For full configuration settings read the below points carefully.

  • Go to Settings on your mobile and then Network option
  • After that enter to access point name APN and make a new apn for Airtel
  • You have to enter below written settings to new apn menu
Settings NameData Enter
Operator Airtel
Access number*99***1#
User nameEmpty
Proxy address0.0.0.0
Data BearerPacket Data or GPRS

Other Settings related to Airtel Internet

Here are some of the settings that also affect your internet speed. These settings should be checked for using a fast airtel internet.

  • Network Select: You have to check the network select option on your mobile number. It is set to Automatic for better signal strength in your area.
  • Network Mode: Again select the automatic option for using 2g, 3g, and 4g services.
  • Roaming Setting: Keep this option off for roaming data and when you are in roaming then keep this setting On while traveling
  • Android Users: Make preferred Network type to 4g LTE
  • IOS Users: Select 4g as default Network for voice and data. There are no APN settings required for IOS mobile users.

We already post many articles about airtel services. If you are an Airtel user then you can check those posts to gather more information about your account number. We posted airtel ussd codes for checking airtel services. Using ussd codes is the fastest and easy way to know information about your mobile number. With airtel ussd codes you can check balance, validity, tariff info, net balance check, daily 4g data usage, hello tune/ caller tune activation, recharge offers and other activated VAS services on your mobile number.

I hope you like this post for How to get Airtel Internet Settings | Airtel 3G/4G APN GPRS Settings. If you have a problem or query about this post then feel free to comment below and also don’t forget to share this post on social media to help other people who don’t know this information.

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