How to Take Loan in Airtel | Loan Number for Airtel

Airtel Telecom network operator is one of the oldest gsm service provider company. They provide various services to all Indian states. Airtel was named by Bharti airtel limited company. The airtel connectivity is spread over 18 countries. Airtel provides prepaid, postpaid, Airtel DTH and Broadband services all over Indian states. There are a lot of customers who rely on their services. In this post, we can share How to Take Loan in Airtel | Loan Number for Airtel.

Airtel provides so many services to its customers on a regular basis like they launch various prepaid plans for every price segment. Some times we don’t have enough balance in our airtel mobile number then there is a service named Airtel loan service. This post tells loan number for airtel telecom network.

How Airtel Loan Service Works

This is a useful service for all of the airtel users because by using this service they can easily take loan in airtel number without any delay. Other telecom operators also have the same service so airtel also launched this service to help their customers.

  • By using Airtel loan service you can take a loan on your mobile number in case of emergency.
  • Like when you are low in balance and unable to call anyone then Airtel allows you take loan and call at that time.

This service is helpful for those customers whose balance is low and they unable to call anyone. There are some conditions to use this service and if you follow those then airtel loan service activated for you. Check the below terms and conditions before using this service.

  1. Airtel loan service only works if your mobile balance is less than Rs 5.
  2. This service only provided to Airtel prepaid customers
  3. You can’t use this service if you have any pending due in your account number.
  4. Your Airtel mobile number is at least 90 days old to use this service.

You can take Airtel Loan in many ways. Here we can list all those methods by which you can take Airtel Loan very easily. These methods are using Airtel loan number, Airtel loan ussd codes and Airtel loan from Airtel thanks application. All these are described below check them for more information.

Take Loan in Airtel by using Airtel Loan Number

You can take airtel loan by calling their official number. This number is provided by airtel and used to take loan when you are in an emergency or in low balance situation.

Airtel Loan Number 52141

You have to dial the above number in your airtel mobile number and follow on call instructions to complete the process. In the end, they will give your appropriate loan Talktime balance.

Take Loan in Airtel by using Airtel Loan Ussd code

If the first method does not work for you then you can try this method too. In this method, you have to dial the airtel loan ussd codes on your mobile number and follow the instructions.

Airtel Loan Ussd Code *141*10# or *141#

You can use any one of the Airtel ussd code given above. If the first code does not work for you then go for the next ussd code.

How to Take Loan in Airtel with Airtel Thanks app

You can also take loan in airtel by using the official Airtel Thanks app. For this, you have to download airtel thanks app from the play store. Read the full details below.

  1. First, you have to Install the Airtel Thanks app from the play store.
  2. Then create your profile by entering your airtel mobile number
  3. They may send you OTP on your registered mobile number
  4. Enter the OTP to complete the verification process.
  5. After that go to Advanced talk time option in app
  6. There you have to enter the loan amount
  7. Airtel loan balance is added to your account and also they send you an Sms for that.
  8. You can also Gift Talktime balance to another friend by using this app.

How much Airtel Credit or Loan Charges

Note: After you take Airtel loan or Airtel credit by using any of the above methods. You have to pay some charges to use this service. Airtel loan service is not a free service you have to pay Rs 2 for taking Rs 10 loan. Next time when you recharge your airtel mobile number then Rs 12 will be cut from your balance.

Airtel also launched ussd codes for checking its services in an easy way. You can use these ussd codes to check various services on your mobile number in less time. With Airtel ussd codes you can check balance, validity, tariff plan info, net balance, 4g data usage, caller tune or hello tune service and other activate VAS services on your airtel mobile number.

I hope you like this post for How to Take Loan in Airtel | Loan Number for Airtel. If you have a problem or query about this post then feel free to comment below and also don’t forget to share this post on social media to help other people who don’t know this information.

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