How to Activate Bsnl DND | Do not Disturb Bsnl

Bsnl is one of the oldest telecom network operator company in India. You can check this blog for activation/deactivation of all Bsnl related services. Read How to Activate Bsnl DND | Do not Disturb Bsnl | Bsnl DND

Bsnl telecom network provides gsm, 2g, 3g, and 4g services to its customers. They also launched Bsnl prepaid, postpaid, unlimited and broadband plans every month to attract more customers towards it. Bsnl is a state-owned company whose policies come from the central government. There are a large number of customers rely on Bsnl Services.

In this post, we can share how to start or stop Bsnl DND service. For more information about this service keep read this post till the end.

What is DND Service

DND [Do not disturb] service is activated on all mobile numbers by default. When this service is activated on your mobile number then you can receive various promotional Sms, calls regarding different types of products. Sometimes this becomes so annoyed when you continually receiving Sms and calls in a short time. You also have the option to start and stop Do not disturb service. This service is launched by TRAI [telecom regulatory authority of India].

You can get Sms and calls of different products in the below-written categories.

  •  1.Banking/Insurance/Financial products/credit cards.
  •  2.Real Estate.
  •  3. Education.
  •  4. Health.
  •  5. Consumer goods and automobiles.
  •  6. Bsnl Products & Services/Communication/Broadcasting/ Entertainment/IT.
  •  7. Tourism and Leisure.
  •  0. Fully Blocked.

These are common groups on the basis you can get calls and Sms on your Bsnl mobile number. You also have the option to select any categories on which you want to keep receiving Sms and calls and stop other groups.

Do not Disturb Bsnl Activation

If you already receive calls and Sms regarding those given categories and want to stop them then you have to follow the below steps. You have to send the Sms given in each category to stop these services. These Sms stop a particular service and other services keep sending you Sms and calls.

 1.Banking/Insurance/Financial products/credit cards.Write Sms START 1 and send to 1909
 2.Real Estate.Write Sms START 2 and send to 1909
 3. Education.Write Sms START 3 and send to 1909
 4. Health.Write Sms START 4 and send to 1909
 5. Consumer goods and automobiles.Write Sms START 5 and send to 1909
 6. Bsnl Products & Services/Communication/Broadcasting/ Entertainment/IT.Write Sms START 6 and send to 1909
 7. Tourism and Leisure.Write Sms START 7 and send to 1909

If you want to stop multiple categories then you can select multiple categories in a single Sms by Writing Sms START 1,2,3 and send it to 1909. Enter the number of categories you want to stop separated by commas and send it to 1909.

Fully Deactivate Bsnl Do not Disturb Service

You can also stop all services by sending a single Sms then you have to write START 0 and then send this to 1909. After that, you will not be receiving any promotional Sms and calls from these categories. You can also call in 1909 to start Do not disturb service on your Bsnl sim mobile number. You have to dial the number and follow on-call instructions to start this service on your mobile number.

After that, you have to wait for at least 7 days for this service to fully activated on your mobile number. You can also visit the Bsnl Official website to start do not disturb service online. If you have any problems or queries about this service then you can call on Bsnl customer care number for assistance.

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