How to Set/Stop Caller Tune in Airtel | How to Set/Stop Hello Tune on Airtel Number

Airtel is one of the Biggest Telecom company who provides its services all around Indian states. There is a large number of customers are attached to the Airtel Telecom sector. Airtel provides various services like Airtel prepaid and postpaid plans, Airtel Broadband services, Airtel DTH offers, and so on. In this post, we can share different methods by which you can easily Activate/Deactivate or set Airtel Caller tune/Hello tune on your mobile number.

Caller tunes or Hello tunes are a good way to welcome your callers. These days all telecom companies offer their caller tunes services to its customers at an affordable price point. Airtel customers have the opportunity to select their caller tunes from a large number of airtel caller tune song lists. All telecom operators battle with each other when they come to point of Caller tune price for customers. Jio is the first Telecom company that provides Jio Caller tune free of cost to its customers.

How Caller Tune/ Hello Tunes Works

The working of caller tunes is already known to us. When a person activates Caller tune on his mobile number and when someone calls him/her then he listened to the song instead of default ringtone. This is the best way to greet your friends, colleges, etc when they call you. There are a number of ways by which you can set airtel caller tunes on your mobile number. You can check which method best suited for you. These methods of setting airtel caller tune on your mobile number are given below.

Method to Activate/Set Caller tune on Airtel Mobile

Method -1 [ Select Caller tune by Dialing a number]

  • First, you have to call 543215 from your airtel mobile number
  • Then they ask you about your choice of language. [ If you have the song name in Hindi then say Hindi or if you want English caller tunes then say English.]
  • After selecting your language just say your song name from a movie or album related to it who you want to select as an Airtel caller tune.
  • Then they start playing songs related to your choice with codes. When your selected song begins to play then press the code associated with it.
  • After that, they confirm from you to select that particular song. When you confirm it, that caller tune registered to airtel mobile number.

Method – 2 [Set Airtel caller tune by entering Ussd code]

In this method, you can set Airtel Caller tune by sending a ussd code to airtel server. Dial 678 from your airtel mobile number and they give you on-screen commands, follow them. After that, they give you a caller tune songs list. You have to start listening to songs and set the song by responding to them.

Method -3 [Set Airtel caller tune from their Official website]

By using this method you have a wide variety of songs from Bollywood, Hollywood, Albums or other sources. You can easily pick your song from there and set that as your caller tune on your mobile number. These steps are given below in this post.

  • First, you have to go to Airtel official website and find your selected song by searching it on their caller tune database.
  • They show you a number of songs with different names, just listen to them by clicking the play icon next to the caller tune.
  • When you choose your caller tune then press the Get it button next to airtel caller tune.
  • They ask your personal information like your airtel mobile number.
  • Next, they ask about the subscription pack. They give you the option to choose airtel caller tune for a single month or for a full year.
  • After that, they send OTP on your registered Airtel mobile number on which you want to select that caller tune.
  • Enter that OTP and confirm the process by paying the requested amount of money for that Time period.
  • The Selected Airtel caller tune/Hello tune will be set on your mobile number.

Method-4 Copy Somone’s Hello Tune

  • You have Full permission to copy someone’s, Hello Tune.
  • when you listen to someone’s Hello Tune, you can copy Hello Tune by pressing a particular digit.
  • You have to press that digit and that Airtel Hello tune set on your Airtel Mobile Number.
  • For charges related to Airtel Caller Tune/ Hello Tune keep reading this article.

Things to Remember for Airtel Caller Tune/ Hello Tune

  • This Caller tune/ hello tune service is available for both Airtel Prepaid and Postpaid Mobile Number
  • This service continues to work on your Airtel mobile number when you roaming or Travel out of the country.
  • Airtel Caller tune/Hello tune service not works on the callers who use divert calls on their mobile number.

How to select Airtel Hello Tunes

  • You have given a large number airtel hello tunes songs list. Just choose the selected song from the list.
  • Enter your Airtel mobile number for verification. Complete the process and Airtel Hello Tunes ready to work with your Mobile number.

Airtel Hello Tunes Subscription Cost

  • You have to pay Rs 15 for each Tune for 90 days period.
  • The Airtel Hello Tune Subscription cost is Rs 30 for 30 days.
  • If you make Album then the content fees are Rs 30 for 90 days period.

Cost of Copying or Gift Someone a Caller Tune

  • Gift Caller Tune: You can also send Airtel Hello Tune as a gift to someone. For this Airtel charge you Rs 15 if that person already subscribed to Airtel Hello Tunes. If not then you will be charged Rs 45 for the first time. When that Hello Tune renews then Airtel charges from that person.
  • Copy Caller Tune: As I already told before in this post that you can easily copy someone’s Caller Tune or Hello Tune. By doing this Airtel charges you Rs 15 for that Hello Tune and If you are not already subscribed to Airtel Hello Tune service then you will be charged Rs 3o for every month.

Airtel Caller Tune Validity and Auto-Renew Period

  • If you are subscribed for Airtel Hello Tune service and choose new Hello Tune by any of the given methods above. Then your old Hello Tune will be replaced with a newer one and Your Subscription period will be according to the Latest Payment.
  • All Airtel Caller Tunes/Hello Tunes have validity for a period of 30 days from the time of subscription done. If you choose another subscription pack then its validity will be according to that Pack.
  • Every Hello Tune will be auto renewed when its subscription period over. Airtel already sends you SMS about its subscription over the period. If you want to cancel it then make it before its new subscription period starts. If you forget to cancel the subscription Airtel automatically deducts the money from your Airtel balance.

How to Deactivate/Stop Airtel Caller Tune/Hello Tune Service

  • You can stop Airtel Caller Tune service at any time by sending an SMS. For stoping hello tune service you have to write an SMS STOP and send it to 121.
  • When you send this message to the Airtel server they send you another SMS regarding all active services on your mobile. You have to check the Airtel Hello Tune service and send it back. Then after three days, your Airtel Caller Tune service will stop working.
  • Also, keep note that when you send a stop SMS to Airtel. They already keep your order in the queue and in case you change your mind you can again Re-Subscribe Airtel Hello Tune service before three days.
  • If you Stop Airtel Hello Tune service before its subscription over then you will not receive any refund. So if you want to stop this service then make it on the last day.

I hope you like this post for How to Set/Stop Caller Tune in Airtel | How to Set/Stop Hello Tune on Airtel Number. If you have a problem or query about this post then feel free to comment below and also don’t forget to share this post on social media to help other people who don’t know this information.

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