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There are many Telecom Network Companies that spread their business in India. You can easily port sim or mobile number from one network to another. Check this post for How to Port Sim Number, Mobile Number | Mobile Port Number | Port Sim

Airtel, Vodafone, Idea, Bsnl, Jio, and other network operators are common in all Indian states. These companies constantly launched prepaid, postpaid, unlimited and broadband plans to attract more customers towards them. They provide gsm, 2g, 3g and 4g services all over Indian states. But some times customers are not satisfied with the telecom services in a particular area.

Then TRAI launched a service that is known as port sim number or mobile number. By using this service you can migrate from one network company to another with the same mobile number. Read the full article to get more information about this service and how to port sim number to another telecom.

What is TRAI

TRAI regulates all the telecom network companies operated in India. The full form of TRAI is the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India and is regulated by the central government. It gives guidelines to all telecom operated companies to create a balanced environment to work in a common area.

TRAI launched a mobile number portability service to Indian customers who use any telecom company sim number. With this service, customers changed their telecoms without changing the sim or mobile number. This service is very helpful for all people and appreciated by everyone when this was launched.

What is Port Sim Number and Why we Need to Port

Port sim number is a telecom company migration from old to the new one. Sometimes we have a sim of a telecom company whose service is not according to your expectations or you find another telecom network with the same services at a lower price. Then you can port your mobile number from that telecom network.

For porting to a new telecom network operator you need some documents ready before you go to your next telecom network office. These documents are

  • UPC code [ Explained next in this post ]
  • Your Passport size Photograph
  • Your Identity Proof

How to Port Sim Mobile Number

You can port from one telecom to another by sending the Sms to the server. You have to write PORT and this Sms to 1900. This message is the same for all networks. After you send the message you get a UPC code that helps you to transfer your telecom network. Read the below steps to know how to port numbers easily.

  • First, you have to write an Sms PORT [capital letters] and send this to 1900.
  • After that, they will reply to you with a UPC code.
  • That UPC code is a security code and doesn’t tell this code to anyone
  • After receiving that UPC code you have to go to Telecom network company office or shop nearby you and whom you want to select as your next operator.
  • Tell the agents about you want to Port your number
  • They will ask your identity proof and photograph
  • When they fill your application form then tell them the UPC code that you received while sending PORT Sms.
  • Pay the required amount of fees for transferring the telecom network operator.
  • They will create your account in that telecom network and also gives you a new sim card.
  • That sim card you receive have the same mobile number that you already used before but that sim card is not working at that time.
  • You have to wait for 2-4 days for your sim number to work.
  • When your new sim number starts working and has signal bars then you have to call on 59059 number.
  • That number is for Tele verification number and the agents on the phone ask about your identity that you submitted at the shop where you receive a new sim card number.
  • After that your sim card number port to that telecom network and start working.
  • That is the whole process for port sim number to another telecom network.

If you have any issues or problems regarding any service then you can call the customer care number of your related telecom network from another mobile number to get information about your Port request.

I hope you like this post for How to Port Sim Number, Mobile Number | Mobile Port Number | Port Sim. If you have a problem or query about this post then feel free to comment below and also don’t forget to share this post on social media to help other people who don’t know this information.

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