Idea Customer Care Toll-Free Number for All States

In today’s world, technology is growing at the speed of Time. In India, there are many Telecom Operators and all working very hard to become number one. Idea is an Old Telecom Network Provider Company in Indian Circle. You can check Idea no by using Ussd codes. Check this post for Idea Customer Care Toll-Free Number for All States

Idea Telecom Network is one of them, who provides so many beneficial services to its customers. The customer count of Idea Telecom also increasing day by day and for that, they already launched a service which is known as Idea Customer Care.

As we know every Telecom Operator Company has its Customer Care Toll Free number to helps its customers at the time of the problem. Idea Telecom Customer Care Toll-Free Number also changed by time. In Idea Telecom there are a number of Customer Care Agents who are working for 24 hrs to solve the queries of subscribers.

Idea Customer Care Number is also known as Idea Care Number, Idea Helpline Number, Idea Complaint Number or Idea Prepaid Customer Care Number.

Why We Need Customer Care Number

The main reason for that is in any case of help we dial Idea Customer Care Number to solve our problems. Idea Care Number Solve all types of queries related to your Idea Mobile Number. All queries related to your Idea Prepaid Plans, Idea Postpaid Plans, Idea Recharge Plans, Idea Balance Check, Idea Talktime Offers, Idea 3g or 4g data Plans or so.

Sometimes we forget our Idea Sim Number then, in that case, we need Customer Care Number or use Idea USSD codes to find out Idea Sim Number. If you have Idea Customer Care Number then you don’t have to go to Idea Store near you or anywhere else.

Sometimes customers complain that their Idea Balance gets deducted without any reason. Activation/Deactivation of VAS services also leads to balance deduct so be careful while activating them.

So you need Idea Customer Care Representative to ask where your balance gets deducted. Is it due to some VAS service or any server error? Below we can explain different methods by which Idea customers contact their Customer Care executives.

Methods to contact Idea Customer Care Service

Idea Telecom provides various methods to its customers for contacting its customer care executives. These methods are :

  • By Direct Calling: In this method, you have to dial a number which is their official customer care number and follow some on phone directions and you can easily solve your problems. This method is the best way to solve all type queries because you can explain the problem directly to their Idea Customer care agents.

Any technical issues are solved easily without wasting the time of the customers. Idea Customer care Number is 12345 and for any Complaint, you have dial there Complaint Number that is given below in this article.

  • By On-Line Chat: This method is used by a limited number of customers. Here you can write about your problems in a chat with their Customer Care expertise. They read it and give you proper directions to solve it. To use this method you have to directly go to their Idea Official Website where you can find the live chat option and start the chat.

One thing you have to noted that On-Line chat support is not available by all Telecom Operators. You have to check whether your Telecom Operator provides this service to you or not.

  • Sending Email to Customer Care: As the name states in this method you have to directly send Email to their Official Idea Email account and when your email reached them and they send you a reply as an answer to that email.

One thing keeps noted that always write subject line while sending an email to idea customer care. You can send your emails to [email protected] and [email protected]

Idea Customer Care Toll-Free Number

Idea Customer Care number is 12345 and this number works all around the Indian States. You have to call from your registered Idea Mobile Number. This Number is not fully Toll-free number because you got charged at 50 paise per 3 minutes when you talk to their agents.

Idea Helpline Number or Idea Complaint Number

198 is the Idea Helpline Number or Complaint Number where you can register Complaints to them. This number is purely for Complaints and you can also check which number best suits you. This number is Toll-Free number and here you can Start/Stop any VAS service to your Idea Sim. All these numbers are only working from your Idea Registered Number.

Some people ask about to tell me Idea Customer Care Number for Kerala, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Punjab, Gujarat, and Maharashtra then these numbers work all over India and you should check them.

This Post is about Idea Customer Care Toll-Free Number for All States and feels free to send this post to social account to help others who don’t know this information.

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