Idea Ussd Codes for Balance Check, Validity, and Recharge

Idea Telecom Network Company is providing its services all around Indian states. Idea telecom operator gives many services to its customers like Idea prepaid, postpaid plans and Idea Broadband Plans. A large number of customers are joined idea telecom network daily. In this post we can share all Idea Ussd codes with which you can check idea balance, Idea recharge, Idea number check, check Idea net balance, Idea offers, Idea balance transfer, etc.

What is Ussd Codes and How it helps

Ussd codes are the shortcodes who can help you find information related to your Mobile Network. All telecom Operators have different ussd codes for various services. Each Telecom operator has different ussd codes so we can’t use them on another operator like you can’t use Idea ussd codes on Vodafone mobile number.

These ussd codes make your telecom experience simple and fast. So when you need to check Idea balance then you don’t have to call Idea customer care for that. Just enter Idea ussd code for idea balance check and in no time your idea main balance will be displayed on your mobile screen.

All Idea Ussd codes for Checking Idea services

Idea Ussd code InformationOn-Screen code
Idea ussd code to check Main menu*121*4#
Ussd code to check Idea balance and validity check*121# and *131*3#
Idea ussd code for check Talktime offers*121# and *131*3#
Ussd code for Idea Data offers*121*4*8#
Ussd code to check Idea Data Balance*125#
Ussd code Idea Recharge check*121#
Ussd code for Idea Internet Offers check*122#
Ussd code to Check Idea Number*131*1# or *121*4*1*7#
Ussd code for Idea Talktime Loan*150*10# or *150*20#
Ussd code for Idea Balance TransferDial *191# and press 2
Ussd code to check Active packs on Idea Mobile*121*4*1*1#
Ussd code for Idea Call History*121*4*1*2# or *121*412#
Ussd code for Idea SMS History*121*4*1*3#
Ussd code for Idea Data History*121*4*1*4#
Ussd code to check wether Mobile support 3g or 4g*121*4*1*5#
Ussd code check Idea complaint Status*121*4*1*6#
Idea Number check Ussd code*121*4*1*7#
ussd code for Idea Last Recharge History*121*4*1*8# or *121*411#
Ussd code check Idea Number Detail*121*4*1*9#
Ussd code check Idea Last Amount Deduct Detail*121*4*1*10#
Ussd code check Idea Tariff Plan*121*4*1*11# or *121*414#
Ussd code for Starting Idea Notification Service*121*4*2*1#
Ussd code for Stopping Idea Notification Service*121*4*2*2#
Ussd code check Idea Internet pack 3g, 4g Plan Detail*121*4*3*1#
Ussd code for Idea Net pack Balance and validity check*121*4*3*2# or *121*4*1*1#
Ussd code for Idea 2g Pack check*121*4*3*3#
Ussd code to check Idea digital Service*121*4*4#
Idea VAS services check Ussd code*121*4*4#
Start Idea Caller Tune *121*4*4*2*1# or Dial 56789
Ussd code for Idea Missed Call Alert*777*1# or Dial 55715
Ussd code for Idea VAS ServicesDial 1212
Ussd code to check Idea Store Near meDial *121*4*5*1# and fill area PIN code
Ussd code for Idea festive days *121*4*6*1#
Ussd code for Idea Phone Number*121*4*6*2#
Ussd code to check Idea PUK numberDial *121*4*6*3# and enter Idea SIM No
Ussd code to check Idea sim activation date detail*121*4*6*4#
Ussd code for Idea bar code check*121*4*6*5#
Ussd code for Idea selfcare*121*4*6*6#
Ussd code for Idea Internet Gallery *121*4*6*6*1#
Ussd code Idea Self Help*121*4*6*6*2#
Ussd code check Idea VAS services*121*4*6*6*3#
Ussd code to check Idea Pack info*121*4*6*6*4#
Ussd code for Adding Email to Idea Mobile number*121*4*6*6*6#
Ussd code for Start/Stop Idea DND service*121*4*6*6*7#
Ussd code Idea Roaming Detail Tariff check*121*4*7*1#
Ussd code Idea International Roaming Detail Tariff check*121*4*7*4#
Idea Full Talktime Offer for you*121*4*8*1
Idea Data Recharge History check code*121*4*8*3#
Idea Unlimited pack active status for you*121*4*8*3#
code to check Idea Prepaid or Postpaid plan checkDial *191# and press 1
Idea Balance Transfer Check codeDial *191# and press 2
Idea Talktime LoanDial *191# and press 3
Idea Family check codeDial *191# and press 3
Idea Balance credit Loan code [Rs10]*150*10*
Idea Balance credit Loan code [Rs20]*150*20*
Idea 2g Data Loan*150*06*
Idea 3g Data Loan*150*333*
Idea SMS Balance TransferPress *121*121# and press 2
Idea Minutes Balance TransferPress *121*121# and press 3
Remove Idea BeneficiaryPress *121*121# and press 4
Idea Internet Data Loan Ussd codeSend “ICREDIT” to 144
Ussd code to Activate Idea GPRS services”FRESH” To 4666
Ussd code to Activate Idea 3g services“ACT 3G” To 12345
Ussd code to Deactivate Idea 3g services”DEACT 3G” To 12345
Idea Live Tv ”3GTV” To 54777
Code for Receiving Idea GPRS settings”SET” To 12345
Code for Activation of Idea VAS155223
Idea customer care numberCall on 12345 | 198

How to Manage VAS Services by Idea Website and Idea app

Here we can show you the method to start or stop VAS services related to your Idea mobile number. Here you can also manage your VAS services and track them. You can manage your Idea VAS Services with the help of Idea official website and from Idea application that is present on the play store.

You are free to choose any method both are free and easily accessible. For users who want to manage idea account with idea website. For them, Idea gives them a platform named Idea Portal where they can change their settings with proper registration.

Method -1 Using Idea Online Portal

Idea portal gives you the freedom to set up your idea account. With this method you can check Idea balance, Idea recharge, Idea offers, Idea internet balance check, and other vas services. You can easily manage everything by just sign up on the Idea web portal.

  • First, you have to go to Idea Website
  • Then select your location
  • Then create your account by entering Idea mobile number
  • They send you an OTP number. Use it as a password to login to your Idea account.
  • Then you can make any changes or find any information related to your Idea account like Call history, Idea Last recharge info, Idea balance, Idea Internet pack info, Idea Offers, etc.

Method-2 Using Idea Application

You can also do the same things with Idea app also. For this, you have to download Idea application from the Play store. Then complete the signup process by entering your Idea Mobile Number. After that, you can manage your Idea account with the help of your smartphone.


I hope you like this post for Idea Ussd Codes for Balance Check, Validity, and Recharge. If you have a problem or query about this post then feel free to comment below and also don’t forget to share this post on social media to help other people who don’t know this information.

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