Puk Code of Airtel, Idea, Vodafone, Bsnl and other Networks

Puk code is a security feature provided by all Telecom Network Companies. Puk code is a code available to all mobile Network customers. Check the Puk Code of Airtel, Idea, Vodafone, Bsnl and other Networks in this post.

At the present time, all telecom companies want more customers to use their services. So that’s why they constantly launched many prepaid, postpaid, Unlimited and broadband plans. After Jio comes to the telecom industry the price for every service comes to its lowest price point.

There are many services are provided by telecom networks to their customers. These are divided into different categories according to there values. Puk code is a security feature given to all customers who use the mobile number of different operators. Read the full article to know how Puk code work and How to get it properly for your telecom operator.

Puk Code Information

As I already told before Puk code is a security feature provided by telecom companies to stop sim number fraud. This is a 4-8 number long code given to you to unblock your mobile sim number. So when your Sim number blocked you need Puk code to unblock it.

How Sim Number Blocked

Sim number is blocked in many ways and some of them are given below. Don’t use these on your mobile otherwise, your sim number blocked and you need a Puk code.

Reason 1. For security, we set the Pin code for our Mobile number. This Pin code feature is provided by mobile and network companies on your mobile to block unauthorized access.

For example, you set a pin code on your mobile number and every time you restart the mobile number you need to enter your Pin code to open it. If you enter the wrong Pin code three times on your mobile number then your sim number is blocked and then you need Puk code to unblock it.

Reason 2. If you forget your Pin code and enter it wrong then you blocked your mobile number or Sometimes kids enter the wrong Pin code to block your sim number.

There are many Issues by which you can block your sim number. Now how can we unblock our Sim number? Read the below information to unblock your sim number for different Network operators.

How to Unblock your Sim number for Airtel, Idea, Vodafone, Bsnl and other Networks

There are many methods to unblock your sim number and some of these are using Ussd codes, by sending Sms and by calling Customer care number. Check your Telecom Operator and read the related instructions to unblock your mobile number.

How to Get Airtel Puk Code

If you are using Airtel mobile number and want to unblock your mobile number then the only way to receive puk code is by calling Airtel customer care number. There is no other method by which you can get your Airtel puk code.

For this, you have dial Airtel customer care number from another airtel mobile number and then contact their agents and tell them you need puk code for your mobile number. They ask you some security questions related to your mobile number, for verifying that you are the owner of the mobile number.

After verifying they can tell you the exact puk code for airtel mobile number. Enter the puk code to your mobile number and unblock it.

How to Get Puk Code for Vodafone

If you are using the Vodafone network then there are two methods to get Vodafone puk code. These are by using Vodafone Ussd codes and by calling their customer care agents.

  • For the first method: You have to enter *111*2*6# on your Vodafone mobile number and your puk code given to your mobile screen.
  • For the second method: If the first method does not work for you then you have to call Vodafone customer care number and ask them about puk code. They verify your information and give your puk code.

How to Get Idea Puk Code

For Idea telecom network customers to unblocking your mobile number, there are two methods. These are by calling Idea customer care agents and by online method.

Method 1: For the first method, you have to call Idea customer care number and touch with their agents. Ask them about Puk code then they will verify your account details and tell your Idea sim number puk code.

Method 2: For this method, you have to go to the Idea telecom network website. Read the below steps to get puk code for Idea sim card number.

  • Go to Idea official website and sign up with your Idea mobile number.
  • Then create your account by verifying your mobile number.
  • After that go to prepaid mobile option and then go to puk retrieval.
  • There you can get your Idea mobile number puk code.

How to Get Bsnl Puk Code

Bsnl customers can get their puk code by calling the Bsnl customer care number. This is the only method to get the Bsnl puk code. You can also call on Bsnl Helpline number [ 9415024365 ] and tell your problem. Otherwise, call on Bsnl customer care number to get puk code for Bsnl sim number.

Aircel Puk Code Information

If you are using Aircel mobile number and want to unblock your mobile number then you have two methods to get puk code for Aircel. These are by sending Sms and by calling customer care.

  • First Method: In this method, you have to write an Sms PUK [capital letters] and send this to 121. Then you can receive your Puk code.
  • Second Method: For this, you have to call Aircel customer care agents to get your sim puk code.

How to get Puk code for Reliance or Jio Telecom

If you have Jio mobile number and want to unblock it then there is only one method to get puk code is by calling customer care agents. You have to call on Jio customer care number and reach to their agents. Get your puk code by answering the security questions asked by agents.

You can also check our other posts about every Telecom Network operator Ussd codes, for getting more information about your mobile number. With Ussd codes you can easily check balance, validity, recharge plans, offers, tariff plan, net balance 4g usage, caller tune/ hello tune and other activated VAS services on your mobile number.

I hope you like this post for the Puk Code of Airtel, Idea, Vodafone, Bsnl and other Networks. If you have a problem or query about this post then feel free to comment below and also don’t forget to share this post on social media to help other people who don’t know this information.

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