How to Share Data on Airtel | Family Share Airtel Data or Internet Codes

Airtel is an old telecom network provider company in Indian Circle. You can also share Airtel 3g, 4g data or internet balance with your family and friends. Check this post for How to Share Data on Airtel | Family Share Airtel Data or Internet Codes.

Airtel telecom provides gsm, 2g, 3g, and 4g services to its customers. They also launch airtel prepaid, postpaid, unlimited, broadband and DTH plans every month to attract more customers towards them. There are many customers who rely on their services. Airtel 4g internet speed is good as compare to other telecom network companies.

What is Airtel Data Share Service

There are many services are launched by Airtel network, and sharing data or the internet with family members is one of them. By using this service you can share calls and the internet with your family or friends. This is the best method to share your internet with another person when he doesn’t have an internet connection or low data balance condition.

If you are using Airtel postpaid connection and all your family members also have airtel connection then you can add them to your member list. Now they can use the calls and internet from your activated plan. You can add only those members who have only Airtel mobile number. This service only works for Airtel numbers.

This is the easiest way to add all your family members to your Postpaid plan. You can share talk time and internet with them and also track who uses how much data or Talktime. There is only a single bill comes to your address if you are using this service. This postpaid connection is known as one family one plan.

How to Share Data on Airtel

You can share the internet with other people by using the below methods. These are simple and easy but you have to read rules and regulations to use this service. For sharing the internet between airtel telecom mobile number read the below points carefully.

Share Internet in Airtel by Using Ussd Code

You can dial the *129*101# Ussd code into your mobile number and follow the instructions given in Sms that given to by Airtel telecom.

Airtel Family Share Internet From Online Method

You can also use this method if the first method does not work for you. For this read, the below points to activate this service on your mobile number.

  • First, you have to go to Airtel Official website
  • Then create an account with your mobile number by sign up
  • Complete the whole process then go to service and then share data with family tab
  • After that, you can add family members or friends to your data share service in your mobile number.

Airtel Data Sharing with Family from Airtel app

For using this service you have to install Airtel thanks app from play store and more information about this service read the below points.

  • First, go to play store and Install Airtel Thanks app
  • After that login with your airtel mobile number or create a new account.
  • They may send you OTP for confirmation and enter this to the app to complete the signup process.
  • After that go to the menu of the app and click on the Airtel data share option.
  • There you can add other people to your plan for data share
  • When you add new members to your plan then they will send you a confirmation Sms to your registered airtel mobile number.

Airtel Family Share Internet Rules and Regulations

Read the below points carefully before using this service. These will help you to know this service more easily.

  • You can add a maximum of 5 members to your plan.
  • The member whom are you want to add to the plan doesn’t have to be Airtel corporate connection holders.
  • You can remove any member any time from the plan.
  • When you remove any member from the plan then he has a different plan
  • The members who you wanted to add to the plan must-have on the same state or circle.
  • If you don’t pay the Airtel bill then all the member numbers shall stop working.
  • The member can add VAS [value added services] to his/her mobile number and the rent will be added to the main plan holder account.
  • You can only share Calls and Data with other members and unable to share other services like hello tune, Isd service, etc.
  • You track fully all services used by other members of the plan.

Want to Know More

Q: Do I need to change my plan when more members are added?

Ans: You can add more minutes/ Talktime / data packs to your plan according to your member’s needs.

Q: Can I set a Data / Internet Limit on members?

Ans: Yes you can set a particular limit usage on all members. For that, you have to go to set limits in your plan account and set and modify it.

Q: How can I check the usage of each member of my plan

Ans: For that, you have to go to your account and go to check the usage option where you have to click on a member name to check its usage.

Q: Can I add and delete members from my plan?

Ans: Yes, you can add and delete the members in your plan at any time. For adding a new member to your plan Go to your account and click on add new member after that an Sms will be sent to new member mobile number. When he will verify this he will be added to the plan. For removing any member from the plan go to the account and click on that member and then remove.

This is the full information about the Airtel data share service in Postpaid account number. If you face any issues or problems then call on airtel customer care number for assistance.

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