Working Vodafone USSD Codes List [Updated]

Vodafone Telecom Operator provides many services to its customers. Some of these services are Vodafone Balance Check, Vodafone Recharge, Vodafone Offers, Vodafone Data Balance, Vodafone Balance Transfer. All these services come under Vodafone prepaid and postpaid numbers. In this post, we can share a different type of Vodafone ussd codes that are needed to Activate or Deactivate any service on Vodafone Sim.

Without these Vodafone ussd codes, the customers have to contact Vodafone customer care agents. This becomes a very long process to know your balance or recharge. Every time when you need this information you need Vodafone customer care number. That’s why Vodafone Ussd codes are launched to make the user experience better.

What is Vodafone Ussd Codes and How it Helps

Vodafone ussd codes are small codes that can tell information related to your Vodafone Mobile Number. You can use these codes to find Vodafone Internet usage, Vodafone Prepaid balance check, Vodafone Offers, Vodafone recharge, Vodafone validity check, Vodafone Loan number, Vodafone balance transfer and other VAS services linked to your Vodafone Mobile Number.

Regular Vodafone Ussd Codes by Vodafone Customers

Ussd code InformationOn screen code
Vodafone Balance and validity check*111# or *141#
Vodafone Offers check code*121#
Check Vodafone Number*111*2#
Vodafone Internet Data Balance check code*111*2*2#
Vodaone Self service Menu code*111#
vodafone talktime loan number*111*1*6#
Vodafone Internet data Loan code*111*1*6#
vodafone Internet GPRS settings code*111*1*3*3#
vodafone missed call alert code*111*4*3# or *888*810#
Vodafone Customer Care Number code198 or 199
Vodafoen Caller Tune Information*567#

Use these Vodafone ussd codes to find out Vodafone Recharge information, 4g data usage, and other Vodafone Offers. You can also check the Vodafone official website to Find out the Latest offers that are running in your area. Here you can also check Vodafone Unlimited plans which give more Validity and Data for a particular time period.

Ussd Codes for Vodafone Balance Check

Ussd code InformationOn screen Code
Vodafone Validity and Balance Check code*111*2*1# or *111# or *141#
Vodafone Internet Data [3g,4g] check code*111*2*2#
Vodafone Internet Data [3g,4g] check by sending SmsSend Sms DATA Bal to 144
Vodafone Sms Balance check code*143#

Ussd Codes for Vodafone Talktime and Internet Data Loan

Ussd code Information On screen code
Vodafone Chota Recharge Talktime Loan codePress *111*1*6# and again ‘1’
Vodafone Chota Recharge Talktime Loan by sending smsSend an SMS Credit to 144
Vodafone Internet Data Loan codePress *111*1*6# and again Press 2
Vodafone Internet Data Loan by sending smsSend an SMS ICREDIT to 144

Ussd Codes for Vodafone Balance Transfer

Ussd code Information On screen code
Code for Balance Transfer in Vodafone*131**#
Vodafone Ussd Code for Balance TransferDial *111*3*5# and after that press 1

Ussd Codes for Vodafone Customer care and Dnd Services

Ussd code Information On screen code
Activate Vodafone Do not Disturb service by smsSend SMS as START to 1909
Vodafone Port Code as a smsSend SMS PORT [Mobile number] To 1900
Vodafone Care Number and Vodafone Complaint Number199 and 198
Start Vodafone Packs via Main Balance *444* Pack Amount #

Full List of Working Vodafone Ussd Codes

Ussd code InformationOn screen code
Ussd code to check Vodafone Balance and Validity*111# and *141#
Vodafone Recharge Offer code*121#
vodafone check number code*111*2#
Ussd code for Vodafone Offers*111*1*2#
vodafone 2g Data check codeDial *111*1*3# and press 1
Vodafone 3g/4g Data Check codeDial *111*1*3# and press 2
Receive Vodafone GPRS settings by codeDial *111*1*3# and press 3
Check Activated Data Plans on VodafoneDial *111*1*3# and press 4
Search New Vodafone OffersDial *111*1*5#
Vodafone Chota Recharge Talktime Loan code Press *111*1*6# and again 1
Vodafone Internet Data Loan code Press *111*1*6# and again 2
Check History for Vodafone Chota RechargePress *111*1*6# and again 3
Vodafone Combo Pack Service Detail CodePress *111*1*7# and press 1
Vodafone Internet Pack Service Detail CodePress *111*1*7# and press 2
Vodafone Unlimited Pack Service Detail CodePress *111*1*7# and press 3
Vodafone sms Pack Service Detail CodePress *111*1*7# and press 4
Vodafone Roaming Pack Service Detail CodePress *111*1*7# and press 5
Vodafone Internet Data Balance Check code*111*2*2#
Vodafone Plan Check code*111*2*3*1#
Vodafone Bonus Balance Check code*111*2*3*2#
Check Vodafone Validity*111*2*3*3#
Vodafone Balance Deduction check code*111*2*4#
Check Vodafone Dial Calls History*111*2*5#
Check Sent Vodafone sms History code*111*2*6#
Check Vodafone Recharge History*111*2*7#
Check Vodafone PUK code*111*2*8#
Ussd code for Stopping Vodafone VAS Services*111*3*1#
Ussd code for Starting Vodafone VAS Services*111*3*2#
Vodafone Caller Tune/Hello Tune Change Code*111*3*3#
Update Email in Vodafone *111*3*4#
Code for Checking Vodafone Balance TransferDial *111*3*5# and press 1
Code for Requested Vodafone BalanceDial *111*3*5# and press 2
Activate/Deactivate Vodafone DND service Code*111*3*6#
Activate/Start Vodafone Caller Tune/Hello Tune code*111*4*2#
Activate Vodafone Missed Call Alert code*111*4*3#
Change Vodafone Language code*111*5*1#
Check Vodafone Store Near me*111*5*5#
Start Vodafone 3G Inernet Data Service codeSend SMS ACT 3G To 144

So these are the most all Vodafone ussd codes that are running around. These Vodafone ussd codes are checked and working Fine. You can check these codes for Vodafone Internet Data balance check, Vodafone 4g data check, Vodafone credit loan check, check Vodafone number, Latest Vodafone offers, Vodafone prepaid and postpaid numbers, Vodafone Recharge, and other services.

I hope you like this post about the Update and Working Vodafone USSD Codes List. If you have any problem or query regarding these ussd codes then feel free to comment below. You can also share this post with social networks to know other people who don’t know this information.

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