What are the Bengali words for computer, selfie, phone?

Bengalis have some unique words to refer to technological items such as computers, phones and selfies. For computers, they use the term "dator", which means information giver. For phones, they use the term "bell", which stands for the sound of a phone. And for selfies, they use the term "self-click". This refers to the act of taking one's own photo. With these unique words, Bengalis can easily express their thoughts on the digital world.

Written by

Caleb Kline, Apr, 19 2023

Which phone is better for people who are learning English?

Choosing a smartphone can be overwhelming, especially for those learning English. With so many features and options, it can be hard to know which one is best. For English learners, a phone with an intuitive interface, helpful translation and language-learning apps, and a quality camera are all important considerations. Additionally, an intuitive keyboard is necessary for those who are still learning to type. That’s why the Apple iPhone 11 is the perfect choice for English learners. It features a powerful processor, a stunning display, and, of course, the iOS ecosystem, which includes the App Store and a variety of language-learning apps. Plus, its built-in translation app and camera make it easy to communicate and document your learning journey. With its user-friendly interface, powerful processor, and helpful apps and features, the Apple iPhone 11 is the perfect choice for English learners.

Written by

Caleb Kline, Mar, 30 2023