How to Get Idea Internet Settings | Internet Settings for Idea | Idea APN

Idea is a popular Telecom Network company who provide good Internet speed of 4g net plans. In this post check How to Get Idea Internet Settings | Internet Settings for Idea | Idea APN.

Idea Telecom network company is an old company in the Indian market and a lot of customers rely on their services. They provide prepaid, postpaid and broadband plans all over India. Idea delivers gsm, 2g, 3g, and 4g services to their subscribers. Last year Idea merged with Vodafone telecom and becomes Vodafone Idea limited company.

These days everyone uses the internet on their mobile handsets because of cheaper data plans offered by telecom companies. We need internet settings in our mobile handsets that help the mobile to surf the internet. Without GPRS or Net settings the internet not available to you on your mobile so the settings work as a barrier for the Internet and the customers.

What is GPRS

GPRS is a general packet radio service and used to connect the customer to the internet. These are in the form of settings and these are different for every network. If you don’t have these settings on your mobile handset then you are unable to surf the internet.

Idea internet settings or net settings are automatically delivered to your mobile handset when you insert your mobile sim in the phone. Some times people lose these settings when they reset their phones or other reasons. If you also deleted your idea GPRS settings then you can get these settings by following given methods.

There are two methods to get Idea internet settings. These methods are by sending an SMS and the other is via manual entering the values in your mobile handset. Both settings are working fine.

How to Get Idea 4g Internet Settings via SMS

By using this method you can get Idea 2g/3g/4g internet settings on your mobile handset by sending a message to Idea telecom. This method works for all people. These settings are helpful for mobile to send SMS/MMS and Idea live or Internet connectivity.

For receiving Idea GPRS settings write an Sms SET [in capital letters] and send this to 54671. For example, SET and send to 54671. After sending this message you will receive the Idea internet settings for 2g, 3g, and 4g networks.

These settings in the form of a message and store it into your mobile inbox. You have to save these settings as default Internet settings and restart your mobile handset. After that, you can surf the Internet on your mobile without any problem.

How to Get Idea Internet Settings Manually

In this method, you have to enter the settings in your mobile handset manually. You can use this method if the first method does not work in your area. Some times Idea customers don’t get GPRS net settings by sending Sms then they can choose this method. Follow the below steps and write them on your mobile handset.

  • First, go to your mobile settings and then Network Settings.
  • There you have to go APN settings and create New APN
  • After creating Idea APN you have to enter the below-written values
Idea GPRS settingsEnter the Values
APN imis/internet
Access Number*99# or *99***#
Authentication TypeNormal
Proxy Enable
Proxy Address10.4.42.45
Port 8080
Data BearerGprs/Packet Data

You have to write these Idea APN settings on your mobile handset and save them as default. After that restart your mobile and you will ready to surf the internet. If you are facing any problems or issues then you can call Idea customer care number.

Note: Keep in mind that after these settings saved on your mobile handset then the internet runs without any problem but you will be charged some money every time you use the internet. If you are not subscribed to any Idea data or net pack. So be sure before running the internet first activate Idea net pack on your mobile number.

You can also check Idea Ussd codes to get more information about your mobile number. These codes are very helpful for everyday tasks related to various services that are running on your mobile number. You can check balance, validity, recharge plans, offers, tariff plans info, hello tune/ caller tune or other VAS services activated on your mobile number.

I hope you like this post for How to Get Idea Internet Settings | Internet Settings for Idea | Idea APN. If you have a problem or query about this post then feel free to comment below and also don’t forget to share this post on social media to help other people who don’t know this information.

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