Tata Sky Broadband rolled out in 21 cities after Jio Giga Fiber

In India Broadband user number increase day by day and people are more attached to the digital world. They want news, drama and the latest information about all around the world on their pc or mobile screen. These things are already known to all companies so they are constantly launching their plans related to the Internet sector. Tata Sky is known nationwide as a direct to home (DTH) service provider. After Jio Giga fiber, Tata Sky has decided to start broadband service in 21 cities. They also started offering unlimited Broadband data plans to its customers. There are other major Broadband companies already in the market like Airtel, Bsnl, etc. Introduction of Tata Sky to the Broadband market makes them more competitive and that’s helpful for us in the future.

Tata Sky Broadband
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Tata Sky broadband plan will be available for Rs 590

It is believed that Tata Sky has decided to step in the broadband world in view of Jio Giga fiber. Jio Giga Fiber is going to launch Wi-Fi, cable and landline service soon. Tata Sky has decided its entry-level broadband plan from Rs 590.

Tata Sky Broadband Plan details

In this plan, Tata Sky is giving unlimited data to its customers for a month with a speed of 16 Mbps. It will also provide a free router to the customers. The next Plan of Tata Sky Broadband is of 700 rupees, with unlimited data and a speed of 25 Mbps. At the same time, Tata Sky will charge Rs 800 for the 50 Mbps plan and charge Rs 1300 for a 100 Mbps plan.

Tata Sky Broadband Service is limited to these Cities

Tata Sky is currently offering services in cities like Mumbai, Jaipur, Delhi, Noida, Surat. According to the company, he will soon start service in other cities as well.

The bigger companies already in a fight with each other due to their telecom plans. Each company wants new customer d with less effort now this thing will come into the broadband section. Hopefully, this is a piece of good news for us because more the number of Broadband companies in the market more options are given to use. People these days are smart and they want new plans at a lesser price so who give more benefits at a reasonable price will win the race.

Note: This post is about the introduction of Tata Sky into Broadband sector. If you have any query to questions related to this topic then feel free to comment below.

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